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Well hey there, I bet you're wondering what this is all about. Life Doodles is a series of comical doodles, mainly based off life events or dreams.

It all began when I dreamed of faces, because that's what I like drawing the most. Faces. Stupid ones. Facial expression are my favorite things to draw, really. So anyway, I was dreaming about so many faces. I woke up deciding that I will make a comic to incorporate silly faces.

Well, that's a lie. I started because I was doodling so many of these, I put them together and showed my friends on Facebook. Then someone "suggested" that I make a website for them, and that's exactly what I did. However, I still love drawing faces and do it anyway.

So, you mean this entire website uses crappy, hastily drawn art in the corners of pages? What a gyp! Well, in this case, the quality shouldn't be expected to be great. Expecting a series that has the word "doodles" in the title to have stellar art is like expecting...something good out of something crappy. Fill in the blanks.

This doesn't mean that this is all I'm capable of drawing. I am actually a dabbler in the works of art, and cartooning is my favorite art form. I am capable of painting realistically, but if you look at my sketchbooks, 98% of it will be comic sketches. The other 2% are hands, because I love drawing hands.

I hope to go into animation when I'm older, and freelance on the side. When you see me on the side of the street in the future, say hi to me! And give me some money too.

Now onto the weirdo. I am that weirdo. Don't know why, but people think I am. This is strange, since the first impression of me that I give off are usually one of a combination of the following: nice, quiet, shy, cross dresser, boring. They probably change their idea of me after they talk to me for a while.

You know you're a good female friend of mine if I can make suggestive jokes and put my arm around, complementing on your beauty. Or make stupid faces at you. :)

You know you're a good guy friend of mine if I hit you a lot.

Doodles are meant to be doodles. They are done quickly without much thought. Therefore, not many are colored. Sorry if you need colors to catch your eye. There are a few that are colored though, probably because I was bored, or color was necessary to get the message across.

If you ever have any trouble reading what I wrote in the comics, drop a comment with "what the hell did you write?" or something similar, and I'll respond with "LEARN TO READ" or what's said in the comic. I can understand if you can't read it, my hand writing tends to get messy. I should stop making these comics 3inches long.

Why yes, I do have a favorite Pokemon.

That's about all I can say. If you really want to know what my interests are, you can explore two of my sites, a Deviant Art and my an blog to, find out. Feel free to ask me any questions if you've got any, at weforgotthecrackers@gmail.com I do not rendezvous through chats, so email's the way to go to contact me.

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